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Residencies Roundup (Both Writers and Artists)

Lots of residency deadlines have just passed with the end of the year, but I’ve spotted a number of great-looking current ones floating about, so I thought I’d flag them up in case anyone can benefit!

LitSpace Writers Residency (writers) in Florida – 2 weeks, stipend for travel and living, seems lovely and community-oriented. May be best for North Americans, unless you can cover part of your travel yourself. Deadline Jan 31

Ox Bow Residencies, Minnesota (artists and writers) – various 2-5 wk residencies, for those teaching on arts faculties, recent MFA grads, and writers and artists in general. Residency fully funded, and travel funding can be applied for. Deadline May 9

Sci-Fi and the Human Condition residency, Omaha (artists and writers) – includes housing and stipend. Deadline Jan 8

Jon Schueler scholarship, Isle of Skye (artists) – this looks *amazing*. 3 month residency on Isle of Skye, w/ travel, accomodation, and generous stipend. Deadline 3rd Feb

La Napoule Interdisciplinary Group residency, La Napoule, France (artists) – Beautiful-looking month-long group residency, offers accomodation and food but you probably need to make your own way there. Deadline Mar 1

Artist-at-Sea Program (Tahitian Hydrothermal Vents), from Tahiti (artists and writers) – really interesting-looking art+science collab project. No additional fee but all costs covered. Deadline Jan 10

The Lighthouse Works residencies, Fisher Island, NY (artists and writers) – these look lovely..3 people at a time, small island commuity, funding for travel & materials. Multiple dates, deadline Feb 1

Write Away Europe fellowship, Spain (writers) – a semi-taught (?) group retreat – retreat funded by fellowship, but would need to get oneself there. Deadline Jan 15




Quick rundown of some good-looking residencies (both artists and writers)

Hi all! Just a quick post today, as I’ve spotted a few residencies that look particularly cool and generous recently, with upcoming deadlines, and thought I’d share in case any are a good fit for any of you! Disclaimer: I’m not involved in any of these, and in most cases haven’t read all the fine print – just pointing them out, further research up to you! 😉 All listed offer accomodation w/out fees, some offer travel and stipends as well, and all accept international applications as far as I can tell.

Some of these close to applications in a few days, so if interested, get on it! (Worth checking if they need letters of support and whether there’s enough time to get those.)

Flotstunga, Iceland – for emerging/mid-career artists, best for development work. Super isolated. Offers accomodation and communal working and kitchen space. Artists cover travel, food, extra bits (eg. cost of shopping trips for supplies). Deadline Nov 13 Nov (for May/June).

Can Serrat International Art Centre, Spain – all arts disciplines – offers full stipend residencies which cover a month’s accomodation w/ breakfast and dinner.Next application deadline Nov 1, no application fee.

Bunnell Street Arts Centre, Alaska – artist and writers, focus on community engagement. One month, covers accomodation, travel, stipend. Applications due Oct 31

Paradise AiR Long Stay, Japan – artists under 40, focus on engagement with the place and people – two months in Matsuda, starting this Dec. Covers accomodation, travel, living stipend, production costs. Theme is ‘Here’ – projects w/ strong sense of place and local engagement. Deadline Nov 1

University of Windsor, Canada, Cartoonist-in-Residence – Canadian cartoonists. Huge, amazing-sounding four-month residency that my fellow Canadians should definitely have a look at!! You’ll have to sort housing, but the stipend is $20,000, so that should be fine. It’s not 100% set, as it’s contingent on funding. Deadline Nov 30th.

Fine Arts Work Centre, Provincetown, US – emerging writers and artists – 7 month (!) fellowships with accomodation/work space provided plus $750/month stipend. Deadlines Dec 1 for writers, Jan 31 for artists, for next Oct.

Montgomery Canal Artist Residency, UK – artists w/ interest in landscape, architecture, ecology, engagement/community projects. Based in Llanymynech (unclear if need to sort own housing) and travelling a bit for engagement, research, etc, for a six-month period. £12000 bursary. Deadline Nov 3

OMI International Artist Residency program, Ghent, NY, US – artists (does writers residencies too, but applications for 2015 closed for those) – offers accomodation/workspace, some meals. Does offer some fellowships, including one for women artists from anywhere. Four weeks, June/July. Deadline Nov 30.

Sarabande Writing Residency at Bernheim Forest, Kentucky, US – writers – two to six weeks. Accomodation plus $500 travel stipend. Deadline Dec 15.

Cove Park, Scotland – artists, crafters, writers (1+ book published) – one to three month residencies, offers accomodation and pays an artist fee of £400/week. Open to some interesting options, eg. writers who are established in one area/genre/format but want to try another, and artists working w/ either another artist, or someone in a different field, on a project. Deadline 24 Nov art, 1 Dec writing.

Mural Arts Residency, Ljubljana, Slovenia – artists (says open to all areas of vis arts, or combined media), EU residents or residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Former Yugoslav republics or Turkey, artists under 35 preferred. Themes around consumer culture and long-term sustainability. 3 weeks around Feb/March, provides accommodation, EUR 1000 stipend, travel, and materials budget. Projects which can involve local artists, etc, preferred. Deadline Nov 17.

Well, that’s all I got for now! Hope some of those fairly awesome-sounding programs are a good fit for some of you!

CUNE Comics-in-Residence, Tallinn – Update 3

Big process post!

I wrote most of this post part-way into the residency, but ran into some image issues, so saved it to do later. Later has ended up being after I got back the the UK, but hey! Read on for more, including pics of thumbnails, roughs, and a glimpse at the beginning of some final pages!

WolfskinProcessPics1The Wall of Wolf

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CUNE Comics-in-Residence, Tallinn – Update 1

Super exciting post today, as I’m not at my desk or cosied up in the corner of a Wetherspoons with my work today..

Today is my second day in Talllinn, Estonia, thanks to the CUNE Comics-in-Residence program and hosted by the Estonian Comics Society (enormous thanks to both!!).

This is the view of the studio/apartment window (!) :


My proposal to the CUNE program was that I would research the folktales/fairy tales of whichever country I was in, and use that as a springboard for a contemporary story set in the city, so I could draw from real locations. Lucky for me, the city I ended up in is both extremely draw-o-genic, and has provided me with the most fantastic raw fairy tale material.


Googling revealed that the University of Tartu’s Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore had been working on an enormous project producing a typology of Estonian folk tales from the tales stored in the Estonian Folklore Archives.

There’s a lot of brilliant and fascinating stuff in there, but what immediately caught my imagination was type 409, ‘the wife as werewolf’…which led me to this fantastic exploration of the iterations of that tale, which I’m still reading atm.


The ‘bookshelf’ for this project currently includes those two papers, Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ and Sally Gardner’s ‘Tinder’ (both recommended via excited discussions about fairy tales and women and wolves with other women writers – there’s definitely something that resonates for a lot of us here!)…Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’, and Emily Carroll’s ‘Through the Woods’.

I’ll keep you updated throughout the month! For now, I’m off to practice drawing wolves, while outside my window spires rise to the sky like howls.

Writing Wednesday: Opportunities roundup

Hi all!

I’ve spotted a few pretty great-sounding opportunities floating around atm, so thought I’d do a quick Writing Wed!

WoMentoring Project : Okay, this is pretty cool, and something I’m thrilled to be involved with! Dozens of professional literary women (inc. me!) have signed up to offer free mentorship to women writers. I’ll be offering comics mentorship to either a comics writer or cartoonist, or perhaps a prose-er hoping to try comics, and while there are tons women in the industry more experienced then me, I hope I’ll still be able to help someone out with a listening ear, critical eye and whatever experience I have to offer thus far! I’ve also been doing some illustrations for the WoMentoring Project site, which I’m pretty stoked to share with you!

Tune in next week for the site’s launch, and in the meantime, follow on twitter here!

-Other interesting-looking things:

Poets, this looks incredible. A £10,000 poet-in-residence commission at Jane Austen’s House Museum (!), deadline in a week on April 16th.

Cartoonists – this is pretty amazing. Malmö University is offering a half-time online course on Digital Comics, led by brilliant cartoonist Renee Engström. What’s pretty amazing for those of us on this side of the world is that tuition fees are ‘for non-EU students only’ . So while a lot of us may not be able to fit in a half-time study course, if you can, this is an amazing opportunity!

Beginning writers – a free ‘Start writing fiction‘ MOOC offered by Future Learn and the Open University – at 3 hrs a week for 8 weeks, it sounds  do-able for most!

-Also offering mentoring, this IdeasTap/Writers Centre Norwich program for novel/short story writers 18-30 looks fantastic, and you don’t have to be unpublished or unagented to apply.  Closes May 12, and they’re holding an online forum on April 15 to answer questions.

-And on the off-chance one of you reading this is a not-yet-published Scottish writer over 40, this looks very worth applying, with 9 months mentoring, a couple of retreats, and a bursary!

Writing Wednesday: Intro Post

Hi everyone,

I’ve been thinking of starting up another post series in addition to the Freelance Friday posts, focussing on writing. I’m not sure how long it will be, and it may not be weekly like the FF ones, but hopefully I’ll be able to offer something that’s helpful or thought-provoking now and then, or even just links to good blogs and resources I’ve come across.

For ages I’ve been meaning to get a blog series up for comic writers looking to work with artists, so this’ll be the place for that, and other writing and story ponderings. If there’s anything you’d particularly like to see covered in the working-with-artists series, let me know!

I’ll also try and regularly make a quick note of what I’ve been reading, more in a recommendations vein than any sort of reviews, because there’s so much good stuff out there to celebrate! They won’t include a lot of info on the books, as there’s plenty of that elsewhere – just what’s having a good impact on me that week and what it’s been making me think about. To start that off, this week’s Read/Recommend:

Holly Black’s The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. This book is a stunner, gorgeously written and with a truly fantastic main character with a ton of agency.

It also got me thinking about setting. I’m not really into the kind of worldbuilding that involves encyclopedias worth of info and becomes an end in itself, but I do realize the resonance a setting can have, and I realized that the reason Coldtown felt so rich as a setting boiled down for me to the fact that there were clearly other stories to be told. It felt like you could pick a random inhabitant of the place and they would have an interesting story of their own. I know showing the tip, implying the iceberg is hardly anything new, but the thought phrased itself in my head in a way that I hadn’t really thought of it before, and that’s always a good thing. Letting settings become and feel like places where there are other stories than the one that’s being told.