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Lost Words

I am slowly plugging on when I get a chance with a personal project I’m quite excited about. I’ve found a great local pub that has bookcases filled with book-by-the-foot old volumes, and I love to grab one and flip through, enjoy the old-book feel, read a few words. I got ┬áto thinking how, given the small number of books created that become hits and get reprinted, a lot of these words will never be read again. It’s a bit of a wistful thought, especially for someone creating books.

When I get a chance, I head over there, pick a sentence from a random book, and do an illustration inspired by it. It’s without context of course, but I think that gels nicely with these words fading away, things being lost bit by bit. That and it’s a nice project for me, allowing me to experiment a bit while still having a cohesive project.

Here’s a few – I’ve not got the sentences that inspired them to hand, but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway!