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Post-Valentines appreciation challenge!

(Very) quickie Valentines sketch, from a photo by Depict Photography from our engagement shoot.

So yesterday was Valentines day – perfect day to finish this Marriage Week series on. I know a lot of people dislike Valentines, and I’m not a giant fan of much of its presentation either, but my approach tends to by why miss any occasion to make the people you love feel appreciated.

“Don’t be a sucker, Sally!” I hear you say. “Valentines is just an occasion for companies to plaster some tacky hearts all over things and make some extra money off you!” Valentines sure is commercial. What to do about that? Don’t buy that stuff! But do something nice for your partner. Make them something. Write them a letter. Give them a massage. Whatever! Just something to appreciate them. (This also solves the horribly generic and impersonal nature of most Valentines stuff that shows up in the shops and can appear more like you’re just fulfilling a social obligation rather than thinking of an individual!)

“But Valentines encourages just being nice to your partner once a year!”…who on earth says you should just be nice to your partner on Valentines day? Of course you should be appreciating them and doing nice things for them all year round!

But I think to purposely refuse to do something nice to acknowledge and appreciate your partner on a day you’re encouraged to do so, is kinda cruel.

Anyway, luckily, Valentines is now past, so whether you “do” Valentines or not, you’re safe to go do something nice for someone! In the spirit of appreciation, I’m gonna challenge anyone reading this to send a note of appreciation to someone – partner, friend, parent, whoever – sometime in the week, just to let them know they’re appreciated. Things like Valentines can be good prompts to remind us when we haven’t done so for a while!

Inspiration of the day:

Mike Maihack’s Dalek Valentine <3