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Hourly Comics Day / What do you want / From!

Last week was Hourly Comics Day, wherein cartoonists do some cartooning every hour about what’s been going on the past hour, throughout the day. It’s an absolutely wonderful glimpse into peoples’ lives, and there are *sooo* many wonderful comics posted in the forums here.

I wanted to try it this year, but thought twice as the day it fell on, I was going to be at a funeral. In the end I did, and the comic is up at the Small Stories site (unfortunately a recent plugin update means I’ve got to figure out a new way to get the first in an update to show on the front page, so for now you’ll have to backtrack or “jump to episode” – sorry!)

Although thinking about your own life probably isn’t the most compassionate response to a friend’s death, it’s a natural part of it, and while my first thought of that kind was about my own spouse and how I would feel if I lost him, I also got to thinking about my work. An accident happening to someone who’s still young me realize that for all I know I really could just be around a little longer – and what do I want to do in that time?

This response from Brian Wood on why he sticks with more serious stories struck me at the time, but resonates even more so now. The swell of positivity around creator-owned comics right now and the growth of consumer funding make me feel like, although they will likely always be hard to fund and/or find a home for, I want to make my own stories a significant focus/direction in my career. I’d still like to do other people’s stories too – other people have wonderful visions too, and even lighter or licensed things keep me fresh and teach me new things. But if I could achieve at least a 50% level of my own works, that would be amazing, and is something (some scary, difficult, awesome thing) to aim for.

What about you guys? What do you want to do?

In other news, after a new years break, my South African travelogue webcomics From is back! Don’t forget that you can buy print copies of the first volume of From, with redone hand-lettered text, some redone drawings, and lovely recycled paper, at my Etsy store – or just email me if you don’t have Etsy! 🙂