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Process Post – Attention Levels

Thought I’d start posting a few thoughts here and there on my process, and things I’m learning.

Recently I’ve had some very time-consuming colour work to do, and have found myself struggling with it more than pretty much any art thing I can remember in the last couple of years. It felt like slogging through waist-high mud somehow. It was a bit of a different style to usual, so I think part of was that. And part of it was, certainly, that I find computer work more draining than manual work anyway.

But part of it, I realized, was that it was taking less of my focus than writing and drawing, and that not-quite-occupied part of my brain was finding it tedious. I can’t always have podcasts or audiobooks on when I’m working, as sometimes it gets distracting, because the work I’m doing just needs that focus. But this, I realized, wasn’t that kind of work.

I guess this was something I already knew – I have listened to podcasts, etc, at times when working, and it’s helped. And I think knitting or crochet are good relaxers because they take little focus – but just enough that I can’t generally be thinking about all sorts of work stuff while doing them. So I’ve just decided to be a bit more intentional about this, putting on something to occupy that bored, complaining part of my mind when I’m slogging through things. I’ve got some new audiobooks, and now have many, many hours of A Song of Ice and Fire ahead of me (those monsters are about 35 hours a book!)

We’ll see if it helps long-term! What I am learning is that honing one’s process is a life-long activity. Perhaps I’ll be able to post later this year and tell you how this particular aspect is going.