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Non-Freelance Friday – Movember

Hello! Apologies for the lack of FF this week. I’m currently off at Thought Bubble. (Hurrah!) ((Table 133/4 in New Dock Hall, if you’re there!))

For now, I thought I’d mention, as November winds down, that I’m participating in Gallery of Mo again this year, where you can get a dashing moustachioed portrait by me for a donation to men’s health for Movember!


Freelance Friday – In Praise of Personal Projects

Hi all! Today’s a bit of a quicky post, as I’m only just starting to shake off this flu (let’s hope that’s my quota for the season O.o).

What I did manage to get done in my flu-ridden haze was set up a new blog for a personal side project – a series of magical girls illustrations – which you can find here!

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Mini Freelance Friday – resource post

Okay, a shorter resource/link post this week, but hopefully no less useful for that!

The first thing I want to link to is the Pomodoro Technique time-management (concept? system?), which involves timed, short bursts of work and short breaks in between each one. I could write a dozen posts on time – how we use it, what we struggle with it, how freelance culture confuses work ethic and overworking – so I’m sure I’ll add more about this sort of thing in future. But for now I wanted to mention this, as I’m finding it really helpful. Especially when I’m working on multiple jobs, and have lots of admin bits and my own projects to keep track of…the To-Do list for the day can be fragmented and confusing and I sometimes don’t know where to start, so breaking things down into short, one-thing-at-a-time chunks really seems to help my focus. And having a timer go off to remind me to get up and stretch every half hour really helps my stiffness at the end of the day, as otherwise hours can pass without me realizing I’ve been sitting in the same posture for that long!

The second link for today is Zero2Illo – a fantastic resource for illustration freelancers. I highly recommend their curated articles section. The second Zero2Illo conference in Nottingham is in a few weeks (tickets available til Sept 30)…last year’s was lovely, a smaller conference with a really sociable feel. I’d definitely recommend it. (Make sure to say hi if you see me there!)

See you all next week!



Twitter Giveaways – Onsen Cats

A while ago I did sketch giveaway on my Twitter, wherein the winner could request a sketch topic for me to draw, with the original drawing posted to them.

I ended up with two winners (due to my scientific method of closing my eyes and seeing where my finger landed, which landed me smack between two entries!), and this is the much-overdue first request: Cats relaxing in an onsen (<how great a sketch topic is that?!), submitted by @InvPaperclip, who blogs lots of great inspiration here! Decided to see if tattoos worked while adding the colour in photoshop.


FREE Printable Christmas Card PDF!

Hi all! Okay, so this is a little later than I meant it to be, but I know I can’t be the only one still to send their cards ^_~

So, a Christmas gift from me to you! PDF’s of a large format Christmas card with this year’s Christmas artwork – focussed on warm times with people you care about –  which you can print at home! 150 dpi for home printing, for both North American and International paper sizes! I hope it spreads some smiles 🙂

DOWNLOAD PDF for A4 printers!

DOWNLOAD PDF for 8.5 x 11 printers!

Happy Christmas, and thanks for all the support, retweets, encouragement and interest this year. Lots more art and stories coming your way in 2013!

Now and Then (and Laydeez Do Comics)

I just realized that, while I’ve mentioned it, I’ve not yet done a blog post on my new minicomic, Now and Then! Let’s fix that!

Here are some pics, along with excerpts from the author’s note at the back of the book:

“This story was a way of poking at a few things that interest me. Before moving to England, all the places I’d lived were – in their current post-colonial forms – very young nations. Here I’m constantly amazed by the physical, tangible history I see on a daily basis. Old textile mills, churches with stone walls that date back to 1200-and-something, beautiful shop buildings slowly decaying from neglect…”

“…It’s so easy to think of past generations as some other species, inhabiting period dramas, not as breathing people who lived and felt just as we do, despite the different context…”

You can find an absolutely lovely review of Now and Then by the wonderful Page 45 here! They have signed-and-sketched-in copies available 🙂

Last Monday I headed down to London to talk about my work, including Now and Then, at the wonderful Laydeez Do Comics, which it was my first time visiting! I thoroughly enjoyed it – as an event it has a wonderful community feel, and I was lucky enough to be presenting on the same night as the amazingly  Kate Brown and Doug and Emma from the estimable SelfMade Hero. Kate talked about her book Fish and Chocolate (which is brilliant and intriguing) – I especially enjoyed getting an insight into her colour strategy. Richy K Chandler was the guest blogger this month, sketching away all night, so I’ll be sure to post when that goes up on the Laydeez blog!

In closing, pick up a copy of Now and Then, either from Page 45 (in Nottingham or online), Orbital Comics in London, or from me here! It’s printed on lovely off-white recycled paper, and is a generally beautiful book-y object. I am, however, also working on digital versions, and will post again as soon as those are available!


Fanart Friday: Captain Marvel

Ok, it’s not quite Friday at time of posting, but we’re just a couple of hours out!

I indulged in some for-fun drawing time tonight. I totally love Jamie McKelvie’s design for the new Captain Marvel series. Tried to get a nice sunrise-y palette. The birds are red-winged blackbirds, because they and Carol have pretty much the same outfit!

Fanart Friday: Kiki

Let’s do a Fanart Friday this week! I doodled this teenage Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service with a souped-up broom during a quiet patch at MCM Expo on the weekend. I saw it recently having only seen it once years ago – I totally hadn’t remembered that her arc is basically about dealing with creative block! Wonderful stuff 🙂


New illo, Kapow, and MCM!

So this blog has been a bit quiet, for which I apologize. In the time I was away I’ve been on holiday (is that allowed for freelancers? Felt decadent!), and once back had problems with the site which kept me from being able to update. Thankfully my lovely webmonkey (/husband) has managed to get it working again, just in time for this weekend’s Kapow con!

This illo is recently coloured from lineart I posted here a while back. I’ve had a new banner printed with this, so for those at Kapow this weekend, or MCM next, keep your eyes peeled for her and I should be easy to find 🙂

At MCM, I will have for you a brand new minicomic, and will post more about it next week, but sadly the printers had delays so I won’t have copies at Kapow. I have, however, made up a sample copy myself for you to check out, and if you like it you’ll be able to either buy it online next week, at MCM next weekend, or you can preorder at Kapow and have it mailed right to your door! Here’s a couple of teaser pics 🙂