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Cheshire Cat (Smugglivus giveaway winner)

In December I got to do a guest post at the marvellous Book Smugglers blog for their Smugglivus series (go read that here – it may no longer be Smugglivus, but the book recommendations stand, plus it has bonus book fanart!).

That post included a sketch giveaway on the topic of the winner’s choice, so I thought I’d share the Cheshire Cat that winner Ella requested 🙂


Twitter Giveaways – Onsen Cats

A while ago I did sketch giveaway on my Twitter, wherein the winner could request a sketch topic for me to draw, with the original drawing posted to them.

I ended up with two winners (due to my scientific method of closing my eyes and seeing where my finger landed, which landed me smack between two entries!), and this is the much-overdue first request: Cats relaxing in an onsen (<how great a sketch topic is that?!), submitted by @InvPaperclip, who blogs lots of great inspiration here! Decided to see if tattoos worked while adding the colour in photoshop.


Giveaway time, yay!

It’s giveaway time! I’m giving away 3 custom sketches – on a topic of your choice (within reason), mailed to your door, or, if you have a favourite piece of art in my gallery or like one of my comics, you can request the original lineart or an original page! I can’t promise it’ll be something I’m willing to part with, but chances are good, so ask away!

Additionally, I will mail envelopes off to 5 extra people with a few goodies in – some miniprints, stickers or badges! (Sketch winners will get these too)

Three ways to enter (or you can do more than one for an extra entry!):

Twitter: Follow @sallythompson on twitter and tweet this post (or RT one of my tweets about it). Be sure to mention @sallythompson in the tweet so I spot it!

FB: Like Sally Jane Thompson  and share this post on FB (drop me a comment here or on the FB page to let me know you have! 🙂

Blog: Comment here with a link to a piece of art (in the gallery, on the blog, etc) which you’d like to see as a print or merchandise (you can follow the blog by RSS too if you’re feeling nice! 🙂

I’ll leave this up for a week, and pick winners at random on Sun 19th Feb!

Simples! And while we’re on the shameless self-promotion bandwagon, don’t forget you can buy copies of From and Candy Bag, a well as other goodies, in my Etsy shop (will be adding more listings in the next few days), or if you don’t have Etsy just drop me a line via the contact page 🙂

Thanks guys! You rock!


Hey guys, thanks so much for the RTs, Likes and merch feedback!

All the winners have Twitter accounts, but I promise that’s not a purposeful bias, Facebookers!

@iamchriswright, @hollyphotobooth and @kradlum have won custom sketches or original lineart! Yay! Get in touch with your addresses, and let me know what you’d like! You can pick a sketch topic of choice, or feel free to ask about the original art of any of my work online that you like, in case it’s available and I’m willing to part with it! 🙂

@littlegamgee, @sheriffstocky, @thatnattherat, @debbiecooper and @lovelylee_g have all won some extra goodies, so send over your addresses and I’ll pop those in the post! 🙂

Thanks again guys! Will do this again sometime ^_~