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Fanart (not quite) Friday – Fangirl

This morning I woke up to a twitter notifications avalanche, thanks to the lovely Rainbow Rowell tweeting a piece of Fangirl fanart I foisted (today is an alliterative day it would seem) on her at her Birmingham event recently, and realized I’d not posted it. Here we go!

SThompson-Fangirl-sFangirl is a really gorgeous novel, with a fantastic family/sibling story – definitely check it out if you’ve not read it. There’s also a special edition (UK) out atm w/ extra illos by the awesome Noelle Stevenson 🙂

Cheshire Cat (Smugglivus giveaway winner)

In December I got to do a guest post at the marvellous Book Smugglers blog for their Smugglivus series (go read that here – it may no longer be Smugglivus, but the book recommendations stand, plus it has bonus book fanart!).

That post included a sketch giveaway on the topic of the winner’s choice, so I thought I’d share the Cheshire Cat that winner Ella requested 🙂


Fanart Friday – Fairest (The Hidden Kingdom)

Managed to pop over to lovely Page45 today to pick up some comics – including issue 8 of Fables spinoff Fairest, the first issue of a Rapunzel-centric arc by Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Lauren Beukes. Really enjoyed this issue – this storyline is off to a great start, complete with attacking paper cranes, and promises lots of Japanese mythology and pop culture fun. (But probably the main reason this is my Fanart Friday pic is Hair. Seriously, can a hair salon please hire me to do some illustration for them so I can spend hours and hours drawing lovely hair?!)

More Adventure Time fanart!

Extending that Fanart Friday post a bit, as I’d done this to enter in We Love Fine’s Adventure Time tee contest, only to realize it had closed a few hours beforehand. Ah well! Had fun playing around with the dual colour scheme!

And here it is flipped, so you don’t all have to be like owls and rotate your heads!

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Fanart Friday: Adventure Time

I’ve been enjoying my occasional fanart posts, and today treated myself to some fanart time for a little fan comic!

I’ve been seriously enjoying the Boom! Studios Adventure Time comics (Adventure Time and Marceline and the Scream Queens). It’s super refreshing to see comics being created for licensed characters that allow artists some leeway with their own styles, and the roster of indie/webcomics artists involved has been awesome. If you haven’t read it yet, seriously recommend you pick up a copy!

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Fanart Friday: Captain Marvel

Ok, it’s not quite Friday at time of posting, but we’re just a couple of hours out!

I indulged in some for-fun drawing time tonight. I totally love Jamie McKelvie’s design for the new Captain Marvel series. Tried to get a nice sunrise-y palette. The birds are red-winged blackbirds, because they and Carol have pretty much the same outfit!

Fanart Friday: Kiki

Let’s do a Fanart Friday this week! I doodled this teenage Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service with a souped-up broom during a quiet patch at MCM Expo on the weekend. I saw it recently having only seen it once years ago – I totally hadn’t remembered that her arc is basically about dealing with creative block! Wonderful stuff 🙂