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2016 Ho!

Christmas15-SThompsonI’m tardy in posting my Christmas/New Year greeting, but I had two days over Christmas where I did no work at all, and that is good, so no apologies! 😉

Keep an eye out on the blog over the next little while – I’ll try and post some more 2015 work, since I’ve been quiet this last year, and some reading/watching recs I loved over the last year.

Good luck and fortitude for all for 2016 – may we all find the ways to tell the stories we want to tell, that make the world a little better, and that we can be proud of <3

FREE Printable Christmas Card PDF!

Hi all! Okay, so this is a little later than I meant it to be, but I know I can’t be the only one still to send their cards ^_~

So, a Christmas gift from me to you! PDF’s of a large format Christmas card with this year’s Christmas artwork – focussed on warm times with people you care about –  which you can print at home! 150 dpi for home printing, for both North American and International paper sizes! I hope it spreads some smiles 🙂

DOWNLOAD PDF for A4 printers!

DOWNLOAD PDF for 8.5 x 11 printers!

Happy Christmas, and thanks for all the support, retweets, encouragement and interest this year. Lots more art and stories coming your way in 2013!