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2016 Ho!

Christmas15-SThompsonI’m tardy in posting my Christmas/New Year greeting, but I had two days over Christmas where I did no work at all, and that is good, so no apologies! 😉

Keep an eye out on the blog over the next little while – I’ll try and post some more 2015 work, since I’ve been quiet this last year, and some reading/watching recs I loved over the last year.

Good luck and fortitude for all for 2016 – may we all find the ways to tell the stories we want to tell, that make the world a little better, and that we can be proud of <3

The Bloody Chamber illustrations and a new year

Well that’s all done with – another year in which I kept up my sterling record of not getting around to posting con reports, etc! On a brighter note, I have some actual article-y blog posts coming this year, so yay!

Have some pictures. These are inspired by Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories, and were for the Folio Society’s competition as well as to use as promo pieces.

This one is for The Bloody Chamber – “He would tell them not to announce him, then soundlessly open the door and softly creep up behind me with his bouquet of hot-house flowers or his marrons glacĂ©s”

This one I’m quite happy with. I sketched several compositions for each, and after abandoning the first thought I had for this story and wrestling with some other ideas that just weren’t clicking, I returned to this one. I had intended to add the curvy linear elements to the background of the box, then saw what they looked like spread across the whole thing when I pasted them in before I’d resized or cropped…so, learning new ideas via happy accidents, which is always a lovely thing!

On another note, I now really want to try a marron glacé.

This one is Puss in Boots, but I won’t include a quote so I don’t spoil the story for anyone!

And finally The Company of Wolves:

“What would you like? she asked disingenuously.

A kiss.

Commonplaces of a rustic seduction; she lowered her eyes and blushed.