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Marriage Week fanart and Dr Sketchy’s!

I missed my marriage week post yesterday (gasp!), so today’s is a double-post (well, a triple-post really!)

First is another Ai Yazawa fanart – Junko and Kyosuke from Nana. I realized after drawing this that I’m not sure they’re actually married – I may have just been thinking they were because they’re presented as having such a stable relationship. Definitely one of my favourite manga couples.

Next is not fanart for a change! It is gift art for some friends ^_^

And finally, today was a Dr Sketchy’s day! Comedy-themed, with some awesome performances and modelling. Good stuff.

Marriage Week fanart – Mikako and Tsutomu

Marriage week fanart #2! Mikako and Tsutomu star in Ai Yazawa’s manga Gokinjo Monogatari, and she uses them again, older and married, as supporting characters in Paradise Kiss. They’re awesomely cheerful, young at heart characters <3

Will probably add this to each of these posts – On another marriage week note, I so, so recommend this marriage course to any couple interested in deepending their communication and understanding each other a bit better, it’s really fantastic.