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WoMentoring Project launch!!

Woo! Today is launch day for the awesome and exciting WoMentoring Project! Over 60 amazing, professional literary women (writers, editors and agents) have signed up to offer their time free to mentor women writers who could use it.

As well as doing a few illos for the site, I’ll be offering free mentorship to a comics writer or cartoonist, or a prose writer who wants to try comics. I’m somewhat awed by the women who’ve signed up for this, and freely admit I don’t have the many years of experience that many of them do. But what experience, insight and encouragement I do have, from a few years in, I’d love to offer to one of you!


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Writing Wednesday: Opportunities roundup

Hi all!

I’ve spotted a few pretty great-sounding opportunities floating around atm, so thought I’d do a quick Writing Wed!

WoMentoring Project : Okay, this is pretty cool, and something I’m thrilled to be involved with! Dozens of professional literary women (inc. me!) have signed up to offer free mentorship to women writers. I’ll be offering comics mentorship to either a comics writer or cartoonist, or perhaps a prose-er hoping to try comics, and while there are tons women in the industry more experienced then me, I hope I’ll still be able to help someone out with a listening ear, critical eye and whatever experience I have to offer thus far! I’ve also been doing some illustrations for the WoMentoring Project site, which I’m pretty stoked to share with you!

Tune in next week for the site’s launch, and in the meantime, follow on twitter here!

-Other interesting-looking things:

Poets, this looks incredible. A £10,000 poet-in-residence commission at Jane Austen’s House Museum (!), deadline in a week on April 16th.

Cartoonists – this is pretty amazing. Malmö University is offering a half-time online course on Digital Comics, led by brilliant cartoonist Renee Engström. What’s pretty amazing for those of us on this side of the world is that tuition fees are ‘for non-EU students only’ . So while a lot of us may not be able to fit in a half-time study course, if you can, this is an amazing opportunity!

Beginning writers – a free ‘Start writing fiction‘ MOOC offered by Future Learn and the Open University – at 3 hrs a week for 8 weeks, it sounds  do-able for most!

-Also offering mentoring, this IdeasTap/Writers Centre Norwich program for novel/short story writers 18-30 looks fantastic, and you don’t have to be unpublished or unagented to apply.  Closes May 12, and they’re holding an online forum on April 15 to answer questions.

-And on the off-chance one of you reading this is a not-yet-published Scottish writer over 40, this looks very worth applying, with 9 months mentoring, a couple of retreats, and a bursary!

Liberator Vol 1

Forgive me posting something non-Freelance Friday today, but Twitter’s been having a  Colourist Appreciation Day today, so it’s appropriate 🙂 It’s also a good time to give a heads-up as if you want to pre-order this from your LCS, those need to be in pronto (I think deadline may be today – hey, maybe I’ll catch a few of you across the pond).

I was lucky enough to get to draw a lovely backup story for Matt Miner and Javier Sanchez Aranda’s Liberator Vol 1 (Black Mask Studios), written by the fantastic Alex de Campi. And, even better, it gave me my first opportunity to stick to pencils and inks and work with a colourist, the wonderful Jenn Manley Lee. So here’s a few teasers of the inks: InkPrev01

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Writing (not quite) Wed – Thoughts on Frozen

Took myself on a movie date yesterday to see Frozen, and it got me thinking on a couple of narrative topics, so I thought I’d write a short post on it – not a review, just my writing takeaways. I’ll try not to get distracted talking about the movie in general beyond that, but suffice to say that – although sure, it was imperfect, and although I’m as disappointed as others that they chose Typical Standard White European/Tangled Part 2 for their design and setting – I absolutely loved it, and thought it was a fantastic story and film overall!

Spoilers below, in case you’ve not seen it and want to (do, it’s great!)

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New Comic Klaxon! Atomic Sheep!

So glad to finally have this available for you all! I have received some boxes of books and I can assure you they are shiny and pretty and lovely! ^_~


The comic’s minisite is . You can read a preview chapter there, and – assuming we can get the blog working – I’ll be doing regular blog posts for the next couple of months, including process posts, illustration posts, and perhaps even some of the embarrassing early artwork made when I was first thinking up this story in university! Anything you’d like me to cover? Let me know!

If you’d like to buy a copy, there is a general list on the site, which we’ll do our best to keep updated. But I’ve got a few recommendations – and I’ve also put together some bonus packs for those who enjoy extra goodies with their books!

-Over on my Etsy store, you can buy a bonus pack featuring the book (signed), an original A5 sketch, two button badges, and a set of six mini/postcard prints (featuring the cover and chapter illustrations from the book)!

-Conventions! I will be at some! Atomic Sheep’s first outing will be at Nerdfest in Nottingham this weekend, and I’ll also be at MCM, Comica Comiket, and Thought Bubble.

-Ask your local comic shop to order it in! I hear that Orbital have copies currently, and Page 45 should have soon! If you’d like to do this, the ISBN is 978-1-909276-09-3, the publisher Markosia, and it’s available via Gardners among others (in the UK).

-Forbidden Planet currently have it listed on their site at a great discount (currently £10.31!)

-Digital: I don’t currently have a date yet from Markosia, but it will be available – I will let you all know dates as soon as I hear!

-And finally, if you’d like to be able to get it out at the library, put in a request for it! This will also help get it into the library system in your area, where other readers can stumble upon it too, so I’d love you to do this! As above, the ISBN is 978-1-909276-09-3, and the publisher Markosia.


And finally – I’m looking to promote this book via events/interviews/exhibitions/etc, so if you’d like to chat about something of that ilk, please do drop me a line!


So excited to share this with you all, and would love it if you’d spread the word, and the site, around! Thanks all – you rock!

Mini Freelance Friday – great links

Happy Friday everyone! So today, I sent off 136 pages of comics, so that is a good feeling!

It also means that today is not a proper post, but I wanted to post something! So here are a couple of excellent links, which are very worth attention, on Hire an Illustrator’s blog/site:

-Illustrator Randy Gallegos has this excellent, thorough pdf on How to Commission Illustration. Like my Licensing Basics comic, it’s aimed at potential clients who may not be familiar with all this. A great resource to bookmark and keep on hand for enquiries from people who may not have commissioned illustration before.

-Illustrator Heather L Shepard has posted a useful review of Comixology Submit, also on HAI!

Thanks for both for posting those! See you all next week!



On feeling like a phoney

Earlier today my husband sent me a link to this blog post by programmer Scott Hanselman, on feeling like a phoney, despite career success. Give it a read first, if you’ve got a minute. I’m a couple of years late here, but it’s good stuff that most of us will relate to. Unsurprisingly, I do too, and wanted to blog a quick response (as a “you and me both, husband!” as much as anything else!).

I think something that can exacerbate this for freelancers, or anyone with a professional online identity, is the need to present our skills, competence and confidence to potential clients, customers and colleagues (this episode of Sesame St is brought to you by the letter C!). To market our skills, services, and – as a hundred “you are your brand!” articles around the web remind us – ourselves.

I think most of us are a mix of those feelings of despair when we look at work from someone we feel we’re miles behind, those feelings of euphoric pride when we create something we’re really pleased with and go “wow, I made that!“…and hopefully, underpinning it all, a reasoned awareness of the skills that we do have after years of study, practice, and (hopefully!) constant learning. But we’re having to present one side of that when we write copy for our website, or promo mailers, or job queries.



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