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Museomix UK 2014

Over the course of this weekend, I’m acting as artist-in-residence for the UK iteration of Museomix. I’m going to send you to the sites rather than write anything up here right now as it’s coming up on midnight and I’ll be doing this all again the morning, but I wanted to make a start on posting the sketch journal I’m working on recording it! Much more to come, this batch barely gets us past setup into the first day – will make it available in full in one form or another after the event!

You can follow along on twitter under #MMUK14 !

MuseomixScans001 MuseomixScans002 MuseomixScans003 MuseomixScans004 MuseomixScans005 MuseomixScans006 MuseomixScans007 MuseomixScans008

CUNE Comics-in-Residence, Tallinn – Update 1

Super exciting post today, as I’m not at my desk or cosied up in the corner of a Wetherspoons with my work today..

Today is my second day in Talllinn, Estonia, thanks to the CUNE Comics-in-Residence program and hosted by the Estonian Comics Society (enormous thanks to both!!).

This is the view of the studio/apartment window (!) :


My proposal to the CUNE program was that I would research the folktales/fairy tales of whichever country I was in, and use that as a springboard for a contemporary story set in the city, so I could draw from real locations. Lucky for me, the city I ended up in is both extremely draw-o-genic, and has provided me with the most fantastic raw fairy tale material.


Googling revealed that the University of Tartu’s Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore had been working on an enormous project producing a typology of Estonian folk tales from the tales stored in the Estonian Folklore Archives.

There’s a lot of brilliant and fascinating stuff in there, but what immediately caught my imagination was type 409, ‘the wife as werewolf’…which led me to this fantastic exploration of the iterations of that tale, which I’m still reading atm.


The ‘bookshelf’ for this project currently includes those two papers, Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ and Sally Gardner’s ‘Tinder’ (both recommended via excited discussions about fairy tales and women and wolves with other women writers – there’s definitely something that resonates for a lot of us here!)…Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’, and Emily Carroll’s ‘Through the Woods’.

I’ll keep you updated throughout the month! For now, I’m off to practice drawing wolves, while outside my window spires rise to the sky like howls.

Poppy Hill (Non-Freelance Friday)

This week I’m afraid Freelance Friday’s had to take a break, due to this week being entirely insane. In the meantime, relating well to our earlier Hunting Jobs Online post, check out Don’t Work for Free on the excellent Work Made for Hire blog!

In the meantime, here’s a little fanart sketch. Earlier this week I finally got to see Ghibli’s From Up on Poppy Hill!

SThompson-PoppyHillAfter his rocky start with Earthsea, Goro Miyazaki’s definitely found his feet. I know some responses have been a little ambivalent, but I thought it was heavenly. Every frame was stunning, pacing was lovely, and even the kind of melodramatic plot elements were handled in a down-to-earth manner. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff!

(I might start doing more posts like this – with little fanart sketches of things I love/recommend/find inspiring, and a little paragraph on why. It’s good to shout about the things we think are great! 🙂

Sketch – goodbye trees


Quick sketch for today! There’s a new development which they’ve just started clearing the site for near where I live. It looks like it’ll be a good development, I’m totally not knocking it. But walking into town today meant having to watch the beautiful avenue of trees the main pedestrian route into town went through be chopped down and woodchipped on the spot. They gave me a lot of joy over the years, especially when their leaves glowed with spring light.

New wedding sketches!

Some more wedding sketches from a lovely wedding….(yes, a wedding illustration site is in the works! In the meantime, contact me if you’re interested in commissioning an illustration or hiring me for your wedding! ^_~ )


Japan fundraising festival

Another post that is not a con report! *blush*

Went to a local Japanese festival put on to fundraise for tsunami relief, which I donated some of the paper crane art prints to. Had a really lovely time with husband – had green tea and a cupcake, got beautiful crane earrings from husband-and-wife-team (very cool!)Satoko’s Origami Jewellery, potted and brought home some rocket seeds to put on the windowsill and hope they grow, and did some sketching! I just got some watercolours (<3), so experimented a bit on a couple of the sketches when I got home.