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Cheshire Cat (Smugglivus giveaway winner)

In December I got to do a guest post at the marvellous Book Smugglers blog for their Smugglivus series (go read that here – it may no longer be Smugglivus, but the book recommendations stand, plus it has bonus book fanart!).

That post included a sketch giveaway on the topic of the winner’s choice, so I thought I’d share the Cheshire Cat that winner Ella requested 🙂



Took a bit of drawing time today to do this for Tauriq Moosa, who, when asked for a drawing topic request, tweeted back with “the beauty of two different minds creating a single thing of beauty (ie comics :)”…To be fair, I think he didn’t think he was actually picking a drawing topic – either that, or he’s a little bit evil. After pondering what on earth to do with that, I decided to just go with something about collaboration, so here we go! Happy collaborative thoughts sent your way, Tauriq!


Twitter Giveaways – Onsen Cats

A while ago I did sketch giveaway on my Twitter, wherein the winner could request a sketch topic for me to draw, with the original drawing posted to them.

I ended up with two winners (due to my scientific method of closing my eyes and seeing where my finger landed, which landed me smack between two entries!), and this is the much-overdue first request: Cats relaxing in an onsen (<how great a sketch topic is that?!), submitted by @InvPaperclip, who blogs lots of great inspiration here! Decided to see if tattoos worked while adding the colour in photoshop.


Fanart Friday – Fairest (The Hidden Kingdom)

Managed to pop over to lovely Page45 today to pick up some comics – including issue 8 of Fables spinoff Fairest, the first issue of a Rapunzel-centric arc by Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Lauren Beukes. Really enjoyed this issue – this storyline is off to a great start, complete with attacking paper cranes, and promises lots of Japanese mythology and pop culture fun. (But probably the main reason this is my Fanart Friday pic is Hair. Seriously, can a hair salon please hire me to do some illustration for them so I can spend hours and hours drawing lovely hair?!)

More Adventure Time fanart!

Extending that Fanart Friday post a bit, as I’d done this to enter in We Love Fine’s Adventure Time tee contest, only to realize it had closed a few hours beforehand. Ah well! Had fun playing around with the dual colour scheme!

And here it is flipped, so you don’t all have to be like owls and rotate your heads!

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Fanart Friday: Captain Marvel

Ok, it’s not quite Friday at time of posting, but we’re just a couple of hours out!

I indulged in some for-fun drawing time tonight. I totally love Jamie McKelvie’s design for the new Captain Marvel series. Tried to get a nice sunrise-y palette. The birds are red-winged blackbirds, because they and Carol have pretty much the same outfit!

Fanart Friday: Kiki

Let’s do a Fanart Friday this week! I doodled this teenage Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service with a souped-up broom during a quiet patch at MCM Expo on the weekend. I saw it recently having only seen it once years ago – I totally hadn’t remembered that her arc is basically about dealing with creative block! Wonderful stuff 🙂


New illo, Kapow, and MCM!

So this blog has been a bit quiet, for which I apologize. In the time I was away I’ve been on holiday (is that allowed for freelancers? Felt decadent!), and once back had problems with the site which kept me from being able to update. Thankfully my lovely webmonkey (/husband) has managed to get it working again, just in time for this weekend’s Kapow con!

This illo is recently coloured from lineart I posted here a while back. I’ve had a new banner printed with this, so for those at Kapow this weekend, or MCM next, keep your eyes peeled for her and I should be easy to find 🙂

At MCM, I will have for you a brand new minicomic, and will post more about it next week, but sadly the printers had delays so I won’t have copies at Kapow. I have, however, made up a sample copy myself for you to check out, and if you like it you’ll be able to either buy it online next week, at MCM next weekend, or you can preorder at Kapow and have it mailed right to your door! Here’s a couple of teaser pics 🙂

R.I.P. Moebius

Going online this morning, I was greeted with a deluge of sorrow at the world’s loss of the incredible skill and imagination of Moebius, as well as countless fans sharing their favourite works of his. I was going to collect some of the wonderful links being passed around – to documentaries, 2010’s Transe-Forme exhibition, a conversation with Miyazaki – but has already done it, so please do take a look at their wonderful overview here.

I must admit I became aware of Moebius’ work indirectly, through other artists he has inspired or films he’s worked on. There is a lot of his work I’ve yet to explore. I look forward to doing so.