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Freeland Friday: Quality, Speed and Readership

Lately I’ve been thinking about quality. Or rather, quality as it sits in relation to speed, production realities, and reader perception.
I’m thinking about it now in particular for a few reasons.

Firstly, I’m currently working on the early issues of my first indie monthly comic, with all the attendant scheduling and process adjustments, and financial concerns, that entails.

Secondly, while in this frame of mind, I’ve been reading a few indie monthlies that have been huge successes. Titles that are amazing, popular, and which I have great respect for, so I hope this doesn’t read as sour grapes or anything. But as I’ve been reading, I’ve found myself caught up frequently on art niggles. Small things, but things I can’t help but notice – backgrounds or limbs that look sloppy rather than sketchy, copy-pasted panels where it’s clearly for time rather than a humorous or uncanny repetitive effect. So on and so forth. Part of me feels it’s snotty of me to let them bother me. But they do take me out of the story, and more importantly they relate to all the things about quality and schedules and readers that I’m thinking about right now. Because these are huge hits. Readers are obviously not as bothered by these things as I am. And given that, do they matter?

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Residencies Roundup (Both Writers and Artists)

Lots of residency deadlines have just passed with the end of the year, but I’ve spotted a number of great-looking current ones floating about, so I thought I’d flag them up in case anyone can benefit!

LitSpace Writers Residency (writers) in Florida – 2 weeks, stipend for travel and living, seems lovely and community-oriented. May be best for North Americans, unless you can cover part of your travel yourself. Deadline Jan 31

Ox Bow Residencies, Minnesota (artists and writers) – various 2-5 wk residencies, for those teaching on arts faculties, recent MFA grads, and writers and artists in general. Residency fully funded, and travel funding can be applied for. Deadline May 9

Sci-Fi and the Human Condition residency, Omaha (artists and writers) – includes housing and stipend. Deadline Jan 8

Jon Schueler scholarship, Isle of Skye (artists) – this looks *amazing*. 3 month residency on Isle of Skye, w/ travel, accomodation, and generous stipend. Deadline 3rd Feb

La Napoule Interdisciplinary Group residency, La Napoule, France (artists) – Beautiful-looking month-long group residency, offers accomodation and food but you probably need to make your own way there. Deadline Mar 1

Artist-at-Sea Program (Tahitian Hydrothermal Vents), from Tahiti (artists and writers) – really interesting-looking art+science collab project. No additional fee but all costs covered. Deadline Jan 10

The Lighthouse Works residencies, Fisher Island, NY (artists and writers) – these look lovely..3 people at a time, small island commuity, funding for travel & materials. Multiple dates, deadline Feb 1

Write Away Europe fellowship, Spain (writers) – a semi-taught (?) group retreat – retreat funded by fellowship, but would need to get oneself there. Deadline Jan 15




2016 Ho!

Christmas15-SThompsonI’m tardy in posting my Christmas/New Year greeting, but I had two days over Christmas where I did no work at all, and that is good, so no apologies! 😉

Keep an eye out on the blog over the next little while – I’ll try and post some more 2015 work, since I’ve been quiet this last year, and some reading/watching recs I loved over the last year.

Good luck and fortitude for all for 2016 – may we all find the ways to tell the stories we want to tell, that make the world a little better, and that we can be proud of <3