2015: Convention burnout, and doing things differently

I realized last year that I’d been tabling at conventions every year for over a decade. (Yay!) Then towards the end of last year, a combination of conventions-that-had-been-booked-in-the-spring and jobs or events that showed up later and I couldn’t say no to meant that I had a period of almost three months with a con, job, or event every single weekend (straight after being out of the country for a month).

To say I became burned out is an understatement, and I had no time to plan or prep for any of the cons I attended, having to simply pack what stock I had around, and then leave it in the suitcase afterwards for the next one. On the one hand, being forced to have a more casual approach meant I put less pressure on myself regarding earnings, and tried to focus on seeing people. And in between all that running around, I did get to spend some time with comickers I adore, and had some really great conversations.

But after doing cons the same way for so long, I think it’s high time for a change of pace. I still want to do a few cons this year – I would miss you all too much if not! So:

For 2015, I will not book a table at any cons.

I’m saying that out loud here because soon tables will start to become available, and everyone will be excitedly talking about it, and I will feel tempted. If I start tweeting that I’m considering it, feel free to give me a metaphorical cuff about the ear ^_~

For any event organizers reading this: I would be very into coming and doing something else at a few events this year.

Although the most likely scenario is that I will come and perch at my publisher’s table for a little while, if anyone would like to chat about any of the following (or anything I’ve not thought of!), feel free to drop me a line (sally [at] sallyjanethompson.co.uk )

-One of the events that kept me hopping about in the fall was Museomix UK, where I was lucky enough to be artist in residence, and record the whole event live, creating a document that told the event’s story. I would like to do more of this.


-I am totally into doing live art! The canvas (maybe 3′ x 2′ ?) below was done over a few hours for the opening of the Blood and Roses show at Orbital Comics last year.


-More traditionally, happy to chat about chipping in on panels. Topics I could particularly contribute to include freelance/working topics (I run a sporadic series of posts called Freelance Friday on my blog), and process stuff, which I love (and know from a couple of sides, working both with other writers and as a writer-artist).

So yes, I will be around, perhaps even as a visitor (which I don’t think I’ve ever done at a comic con)! See you all around!