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2015: Convention burnout, and doing things differently

I realized last year that I’d been tabling at conventions every year for over a decade. (Yay!) Then towards the end of last year, a combination of conventions-that-had-been-booked-in-the-spring and jobs or events that showed up later and I couldn’t say no to meant that I had a period of almost three months with a con, job, or event every single weekend (straight after being out of the country for a month).

To say I became burned out is an understatement, and I had no time to plan or prep for any of the cons I attended, having to simply pack what stock I had around, and then leave it in the suitcase afterwards for the next one. On the one hand, being forced to have a more casual approach meant I put less pressure on myself regarding earnings, and tried to focus on seeing people. And in between all that running around, I did get to spend some time with comickers I adore, and had some really great conversations.

But after doing cons the same way for so long, I think it’s high time for a change of pace. I still want to do a few cons this year – I would miss you all too much if not! So:

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Happy New Year


And late Christmas wishes too – I hope everyone had a bit of a breather, and some time to relax, recuperate and reflect. Christmas-SThompsonI won’t make this a full new year’s post, as I’m still reflecting really, but I am looking forward to the year ahead, and very grateful for the blessings of the last year, including the wonderful chance to do a CUNE residency in Estonia, and getting the chance to work with the absolutely fantastic Phoenix crew.

Planning to make a few changes for this year, mostly to cons as I’m feeling a bit burnt out – but will be around, making work and enthusing about comics! More thoughts soon 🙂