Writing update (fake NaNo progress)

A non-Museomix post, gasp!

Just a quick solidarity update for everyone I know who’s doing NaNoWriMo, or any variation of their own. I’ve never done the official version, and am not this year (partly time, and partly because I always have multiple stories on-the-go, so starting a new one is probably not the best idea).

But I did want to play along, so I gave myself a simple write-something-every-day on particular project challenge. Anything, even just one line.

Started pretty well – I’d been typing til the start of the month, but with hours of travel for a workshop on the 1st, I took a notebook with me and got a couple of pages in on the train. Usually it was more than a line, but a couple of days that’s all it was.

Then this last weekend was Museomix. And I managed the first day, remembering just before I fell asleep and scrawling a couple of lines in bed. They were nice lines too, lines that kind of wandered off in their own direction because I was half asleep already. Then I missed the next two days.

Not beating myself up – Those were 15 hr days, and I’ve been back on track since, and will hopefully keep it up during Thought Bubble this weekend (….). But what I did notice was how easy it was to forget the second day, after I’d forgotten once.

That tiny little bit of input is proving such a help in just keeping the door open on the room it occupies in my head – so I can wander in when I have a spare minute, rather than feeling it’s not worth it unless I have a big enough block of time to get my brain back in the right place and figure out where I am in it. Even though doing that’s probably a bit easier for people w/ my process, where I have an outline, so can just check what’s happening at that point in the story, the maintained connection still helps.

This is a weird project to do, as it’ll be a sort of prose/illustration/comic mixy…thing. So this current draft is messy, jumping from passages of prose to notes on pg layouts and images as they pop up. It also keeps changing tenses because, despite my previously-avowed dislike of present-tense, passages keep falling into it and, with the spacious layouts and segues into panels, I’m starting to like it. So yes, messy, and I’m dying to get through it so I can knock it into a neater shape, and get some proof-of-concept pages with visuals done. And this is helping, this little bit, every day.

How about you? 🙂