Stephanie Burgis’ Hot Chocolate Day

A short and slightly atypical post today, as author Stephanie Burgis’ really fantastic Kat, Incorrigible Regency magic MG trilogy comes out as a beautiful-looking box set in North America today! I would so, so recommend giving these a read, they’re full of warmth and feature a heroine who has a wonderful growth arc and just gets better to read about as she ages through the series (there’s a new novella out, Courting Magic, which I enjoyed most of all). You can read sample chapters of all of them here!

Stephanie is very sensibly celebrating with a hot chocolate day, because why wouldn’t you! She’s made a few recipe posts on her blog, including a vegan option; I’m going to try something along the lines of Laura Florand’s recipe – I’ve never tried making proper melted-chocolate stovetop hot chocolate before!

IMG_1083The results!

When shopping for chocolate, I couldn’t resist getting Green & Black’s Maya Gold, which is 60% choc infused with orange and spices. It smells heavenly, and as a chocolate is delicious. Because I was already using something flavoured, I made the infused milk milder, which worked well since what I had at home was some very old cinnamon sticks, and vanilla essence (and the fresh-grated nutmeg, one of the best smells in the world). Even just with that, the milk smelled amazing.

I put in a bit less chocolate than the recipe, as I couldn’t quite get my head around using at least a full bar of chocolate per cup! I’m glad I did, because it’s so rich, and so strong, that the result is just on the border of what I can handle, chocoholic though I may be! It’s delicious – a total treat, and something I’ll definitely do again….but I’ll make sure someone’s around to share next time – half a cup or a small teacup is plenty! ^_~ I’ll probably also use plain chocolate next time and rely on my own spices/flavours – the heating seems to bring out the flavours in the chocolate quite strongly. They are lovely flavours though – maybe a mix of Maya Gold and plain?

Let me know if you try it! 🙂

Oh, and to wrap up, a little doodle while it was brewing of Kat, having an unladylike slurp!