WoMentoring Project launch!!

Woo! Today is launch day for the awesome and exciting WoMentoring Project! Over 60 amazing, professional literary women (writers, editors and agents) have signed up to offer their time free to mentor women writers who could use it.

As well as doing a few illos for the site, I’ll be offering free mentorship to a comics writer or cartoonist, or a prose writer who wants to try comics. I’m somewhat awed by the women who’ve signed up for this, and freely admit I don’t have the many years of experience that many of them do. But what experience, insight and encouragement I do have, from a few years in, I’d love to offer to one of you!


Please do spread this link around, as we want as many of the writers this could benefit as possible to see this! And if you’re one of those writers, check out the site and have a read through the mentors list – there’s such a range of expertise and experience there, that there’s probably someone with just the knowledge you need, and the application procedure doesn’t ask for any new writing, so the time-risk in applying is low.

The application process if you’d like to apply to me is a bit different, since rather than 1000 words I’m asking for comics, whether in drawn or script form…my page with all that info is here! 😀

And if wondering what all this entails – I’m offering three hour-long sessions, either over tea if you’re local, or via online chat, phone, email, etc, with some email time/followup as well. This is about what’s most useful to you at the stage you’re at, so it could involve you emailing me a draft script/comic and we can go over some feedback when we chat…or if you’re just starting a new project, we can talk that through together. We can also focus on goals and planning – it can help to talk through things with someone, and I’ll do what I can to gather resources for you and help you set some goals and make some plans!

I think this is really something special, and can’t wait to see the fruits of it in the years to come! And special shout out to organizer Kerry Hudson, writer of Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma, who’s put in a ton of work. Let’s make this take off!