Liberator Vol 1

Forgive me posting something non-Freelance Friday today, but Twitter’s been having a  Colourist Appreciation Day today, so it’s appropriate 🙂 It’s also a good time to give a heads-up as if you want to pre-order this from your LCS, those need to be in pronto (I think deadline may be today – hey, maybe I’ll catch a few of you across the pond).

I was lucky enough to get to draw a lovely backup story for Matt Miner and Javier Sanchez Aranda’s Liberator Vol 1 (Black Mask Studios), written by the fantastic Alex de Campi. And, even better, it gave me my first opportunity to stick to pencils and inks and work with a colourist, the wonderful Jenn Manley Lee. So here’s a few teasers of the inks: InkPrev01

And some assorted panels:

Prevs01This was the first time I had a chance to work with a colourist (I love working monochrome, and colours are usually my least favourite stage of the process when they’re required, so it was a treat to get to just focus on the drawing!). Man, how exciting is it seeing pages appear in your inbox that look awesome and totally different than if you’d done them, because you’re getting the unique view someone else brings to the table! So cool. Here’s a few teaser panels of Jenn’s lovely colours:

Prevs02Liberator is really sensitively written, and the backup stories look like they’ll be pretty darn fantastic, so definitely check this one out!