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Writing (not quite) Wed – Thoughts on Frozen

Took myself on a movie date yesterday to see Frozen, and it got me thinking on a couple of narrative topics, so I thought I’d write a short post on it – not a review, just my writing takeaways. I’ll try not to get distracted talking about the movie in general beyond that, but suffice to say that – although sure, it was imperfect, and although I’m as disappointed as others that they chose Typical Standard White European/Tangled Part 2 for their design and setting – I absolutely loved it, and thought it was a fantastic story and film overall!

Spoilers below, in case you’ve not seen it and want to (do, it’s great!)

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Took a bit of drawing time today to do this for Tauriq Moosa, who, when asked for a drawing topic request, tweeted back with “the beauty of two different minds creating a single thing of beauty (ie comics :)”…To be fair, I think he didn’t think he was actually picking a drawing topic – either that, or he’s a little bit evil. After pondering what on earth to do with that, I decided to just go with something about collaboration, so here we go! Happy collaborative thoughts sent your way, Tauriq!


Freelance Friday update

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed the lack of posts both this week and last. Given current busy-ness (and breaks – a couple of days off is reasons on for today’s lack protest, so perhaps we should call this a post on the necessity of time off! ^_~ ), I’m going to re-label this a not-quite-weekly series for now. Keep checking back, I’ll try and still keep it fairly regular, and hopefully we can kick back into full gear in the new year! 🙂