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Non-Freelance Friday – Movember

Hello! Apologies for the lack of FF this week. I’m currently off at Thought Bubble. (Hurrah!) ((Table 133/4 in New Dock Hall, if you’re there!))

For now, I thought I’d mention, as November winds down, that I’m participating in Gallery of Mo again this year, where you can get a dashing moustachioed portrait by me for a donation to men’s health for Movember!


Thought Bubble!

For those who will be in Leeds this weekend, here’s where you can find me! I’m sharing tables 133 and 134 in New Dock Hall with the wonderful Zarina Liew and Van Nim!

TB13What I’ll have with me: First and foremost, Atomic Sheep! I’ll have copies for sale at a convention special price, and will sketch inside for you, so you should definitely come and pick up a copy! ^_~  I’ll also have the last handful of copies of Now and Then with me…I’m not sure I’ll be reprinting these in the near future, so if you’d like to snag a copy of this beauty, now’s the time! I’ll also have From, minicomic Candy Bag, and limited numbers of fine art prints, including this one.

Sketches? Yes! I’ll be offering quick A5 sketches –  just £5 for a general topic (eg), £10 for portraits! If you’d like something more involved though, stop by and ask…I may very well be able to fit it in!

See you there! 🙂


Freelance Friday: Collaboration Agreement Documents

Happy Friday!

Today I’ve just been tidying up my template collaboration agreement to send over to someone, and though others might find it useful, so today will be a document post.

This is for cases where work is not being commissioned – rather I’m developing a creator-owned project with a colleague. Even when working with friends, it’s a) just good practice to always have an agreement, and b) discussing it makes sure you’re both on the same page about what the project is, what you’ll be doing with it, and various ‘what-if’s, right off the bat.

Disclaimer: As always, this is based purely on personal experiences and approaches, and should not be considered as business advice, legal or otherwise. Any use you make of posts on this blog are entirely at your own risk.

My document pasted in after the cut. Please feel free to add anything that’s missing in the comments, so we can all pool our resources!

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Freelance Friday – In Praise of Personal Projects

Hi all! Today’s a bit of a quicky post, as I’m only just starting to shake off this flu (let’s hope that’s my quota for the season O.o).

What I did manage to get done in my flu-ridden haze was set up a new blog for a personal side project – a series of magical girls illustrations – which you can find here!

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FF – Sick day

Forgive me, freelance pals! I look like this today.

The ability to delay work a bit if you’re unwell, or things come up, is one of the great blessings of freelance work. But of course, that shifted work always has to go somewhere else in the schedule (something it can sometimes be hard to get others to understand, with your ‘flexible schedule’ – but that’s a post in itself!). So lots of catchup for me next week ^_~