Freelance Friday 12: Sale or Return inventories

Happy Friday!

Like last week, this week is a resource post, based on things I was doing this week and thought might be useful to some.

This week I’ve got some work for sale at the excellent Memories of the Future digital-meets-analogue pop-up shop in Nottingham. So I thought I might share my sale-or-return combined inventory sheet and agreement, for use with shops, events or galleries who may not have a standard one of their own they prefer to use.

It includes a few terms which I think are important to have agreed before you leave your lovely artwork or books with someone! These include the obvious, like the percentage commission they’ll take from sales, but also things like who’s financially responsible if the work is damaged or stolen, and pickup/return arrangements, so you get unsold work back safely and the vendor isn’t left having to hold onto it indefinitely.

Disclaimer: As always, this is based purely on personal experiences and approaches, and should not be considered as business advice, legal or otherwise. Any use you make of posts on this blog are entirely at your own risk.


Inventory of Work Transferred on Temporary, Sale-or-Return Basis

The items listed herein will be temporarily left by:

(name), hereafter referred to as (Author/Artist/etc),

in the possession of:

(company), hereafter referred to as Reseller,

to be offered for sale at:



either their sale, or (timescale/whatever terms have been agreed on this).



1. Reseller agrees that the items listed will be treated with reasonable care, and that the location in which they are kept will be staffed when open to the public.

2. Further security, such as insurance, is the responsibility of the Author (<or whatever terms have been agreed re: damage, theft, etc)

3. Both parties agree that the work will be for sale for the retail prices listed. Upon sale, the Reseller will retainx% of the retail price, with the remaining x% to be paid to the Author. Any unsold work will be (picked up by Author/shipped back to Author/whatever your terms are).

4. Any money owing to the Author is to be paid within (whatever the agreed timeframe is), by (format for payment).

5. Should Author fail to collect their work from (venue) by (date), Reseller agrees to hold artwork for up to (agreed term), and Author agrees to make all reasonable effort to retrieve it as soon as possible. If Author does not do so within (agreed term), unless otherwise agreed by both parties, Reseller may dispose of the items as they see fit. (<adjust as needed if shipping)

6. In the event of no items being sold, no money will be owed to or from either party.


(No. of copies) x (Item description)

Retail £x ; Reseller £x, Author £x (<Retail price and amount to each party based on agreed commission)

*Repeat as needed for all products


Agreed and (delivered/sent) on ______________by




Agreed and received on ______________by




Hope that’s useful to some of you! Please do comment on what you include on yours! See you all next week 🙂