New Comic Klaxon! Atomic Sheep!

So glad to finally have this available for you all! I have received some boxes of books and I can assure you they are shiny and pretty and lovely! ^_~


The comic’s minisite is . You can read a preview chapter there, and – assuming we can get the blog working – I’ll be doing regular blog posts for the next couple of months, including process posts, illustration posts, and perhaps even some of the embarrassing early artwork made when I was first thinking up this story in university! Anything you’d like me to cover? Let me know!

If you’d like to buy a copy, there is a general list on the site, which we’ll do our best to keep updated. But I’ve got a few recommendations – and I’ve also put together some bonus packs for those who enjoy extra goodies with their books!

-Over on my Etsy store, you can buy a bonus pack featuring the book (signed), an original A5 sketch, two button badges, and a set of six mini/postcard prints (featuring the cover and chapter illustrations from the book)!

-Conventions! I will be at some! Atomic Sheep’s first outing will be at Nerdfest in Nottingham this weekend, and I’ll also be at MCM, Comica Comiket, and Thought Bubble.

-Ask your local comic shop to order it in! I hear that Orbital have copies currently, and Page 45 should have soon! If you’d like to do this, the ISBN is 978-1-909276-09-3, the publisher Markosia, and it’s available via Gardners among others (in the UK).

-Forbidden Planet currently have it listed on their site at a great discount (currently £10.31!)

-Digital: I don’t currently have a date yet from Markosia, but it will be available – I will let you all know dates as soon as I hear!

-And finally, if you’d like to be able to get it out at the library, put in a request for it! This will also help get it into the library system in your area, where other readers can stumble upon it too, so I’d love you to do this! As above, the ISBN is 978-1-909276-09-3, and the publisher Markosia.


And finally – I’m looking to promote this book via events/interviews/exhibitions/etc, so if you’d like to chat about something of that ilk, please do drop me a line!


So excited to share this with you all, and would love it if you’d spread the word, and the site, around! Thanks all – you rock!

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