Mini Freelance Friday – resource post

Okay, a shorter resource/link post this week, but hopefully no less useful for that!

The first thing I want to link to is the Pomodoro Technique time-management (concept? system?), which involves timed, short bursts of work and short breaks in between each one. I could write a dozen posts on time – how we use it, what we struggle with it, how freelance culture confuses work ethic and overworking – so I’m sure I’ll add more about this sort of thing in future. But for now I wanted to mention this, as I’m finding it really helpful. Especially when I’m working on multiple jobs, and have lots of admin bits and my own projects to keep track of…the To-Do list for the day can be fragmented and confusing and I sometimes don’t know where to start, so breaking things down into short, one-thing-at-a-time chunks really seems to help my focus. And having a timer go off to remind me to get up and stretch every half hour really helps my stiffness at the end of the day, as otherwise hours can pass without me realizing I’ve been sitting in the same posture for that long!

The second link for today is Zero2Illo – a fantastic resource for illustration freelancers. I highly recommend their curated articles section. The second Zero2Illo conference in Nottingham is in a few weeks (tickets available til Sept 30)…last year’s was lovely, a smaller conference with a really sociable feel. I’d definitely recommend it. (Make sure to say hi if you see me there!)

See you all next week!