Daily Archives: August 23, 2013

Mini Freelance Friday – great links

Happy Friday everyone! So today, I sent off 136 pages of comics, so that is a good feeling!

It also means that today is not a proper post, but I wanted to post something! So here are a couple of excellent links, which are very worth attention, on Hire an Illustrator’s blog/site:

-Illustrator Randy Gallegos has this excellent, thorough pdf on How to Commission Illustration. Like my Licensing Basics comic, it’s aimed at potential clients who may not be familiar with all this. A great resource to bookmark and keep on hand for enquiries from people who may not have commissioned illustration before.

-Illustrator Heather L Shepard has posted a useful review of Comixology Submit, also on HAI!

Thanks for both for posting those! See you all next week!