Daily Archives: July 19, 2013

Freelance Friday 05: Print Marketing

Hey everyone! This week and next, I’m responding to a comment from illustrator Robin French on offline methods of finding freelance work. That got me thinking a bit, because I don’t know of any offline venues for job listings…I think the offline side of it falls squarely into the making-jobs-come-to-you side of things, rather than the going-out-and-finding-existing-jobs side. This side of things takes time (so I think hunting out jobs is a necessary part of most freelancers early years), but is of course incredibly important.

(What do you think? Do you agree that the offline elements of job “hunting” are more like “connection/interest-building” hopefully resulting in future jobs, or can you think of avenues I’m missing? Answers on a postcard! Or, y’know, in the comments section.)

So when it comes to offline marketing/networking/presence-building, I’m dividing that down a bit. Today I’ll ponder Print Marketing; next week I’ll ruminate on Networking, and then I’ll either launch into a longish Contracts series, or delay that a week and do a post on Conventions/exhibitions/events, whichever there’s more interest in (cast your votes!).


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