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Freelance Friday 04: License Basics (for potential clients)


Right, despite being a pretty simple comic, that took longer than expected – sorry for the delays!

This update is more of a resource than a post, and I hope it’ll be useful to some of you. It’s a 5 page pdf explaining the basics of copyright and licenses to potential clients who may not have commissioned art before. I thought this might be useful having written the same thing many times in emails when, after quoting a few options, potential clients sometimes ask what I mean by license.

The pdf can be found HERE. Terms of use: You are very  welcome to download a copy and use it to save a little time when you get the same questions, provided it remains intact with all 5 pages in one pdf.

Sample page:


There’s of course an awful lot that I’ve not even touched on in there, but it does get somebasics down that you may want a potential client to know – particularly your ownership of the image, and the expense of buying copyright.

See you next week!