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Freelance Friday 06: Networking at Events

Hi everyone!

Continuing from last week’s look at offline methods as more along the lines of “creating opportunities rather than hunting specific jobs”, I wanted to have a look at offline networking – at events, conventions, etc.

(Just a sketchy illustration today, because Time. Sorry!)


I think most of us have come across advice on the necessity of networking, making connections, etc. It can seem a bit of a task, something very intentional, different from just meeting people who work in your field…and I know for some it can conjure images of awkwardness and anxiety more than anything else. So I thought I’d look at a few concerns about networking at events…if there’s something not here that you’d like me to address, feel free to let me know in the comments! Continue reading

Freelance Friday 05: Print Marketing

Hey everyone! This week and next, I’m responding to a comment from illustrator Robin French on offline methods of finding freelance work. That got me thinking a bit, because I don’t know of any offline venues for job listings…I think the offline side of it falls squarely into the making-jobs-come-to-you side of things, rather than the going-out-and-finding-existing-jobs side. This side of things takes time (so I think hunting out jobs is a necessary part of most freelancers early years), but is of course incredibly important.

(What do you think? Do you agree that the offline elements of job “hunting” are more like “connection/interest-building” hopefully resulting in future jobs, or can you think of avenues I’m missing? Answers on a postcard! Or, y’know, in the comments section.)

So when it comes to offline marketing/networking/presence-building, I’m dividing that down a bit. Today I’ll ponder Print Marketing; next week I’ll ruminate on Networking, and then I’ll either launch into a longish Contracts series, or delay that a week and do a post on Conventions/exhibitions/events, whichever there’s more interest in (cast your votes!).


Continue reading

Freelance Friday 04: License Basics (for potential clients)


Right, despite being a pretty simple comic, that took longer than expected – sorry for the delays!

This update is more of a resource than a post, and I hope it’ll be useful to some of you. It’s a 5 page pdf explaining the basics of copyright and licenses to potential clients who may not have commissioned art before. I thought this might be useful having written the same thing many times in emails when, after quoting a few options, potential clients sometimes ask what I mean by license.

The pdf can be found HERE. Terms of use: You are very  welcome to download a copy and use it to save a little time when you get the same questions, provided it remains intact with all 5 pages in one pdf.

Sample page:


There’s of course an awful lot that I’ve not even touched on in there, but it does get somebasics down that you may want a potential client to know – particularly your ownership of the image, and the expense of buying copyright.

See you next week!