Commissions Open!

Okay, so I’ve got a slightly mellower schedule for the next month or so than the previous few, so I’m going to open commissions for a while! I don’t do this very often, so it’s a good time if you’d like something from me!

Commissions will be done to all be sent by the end of March, and I’ll close either at that point or when my slate is full, whichever comes first (despite being less manic atm, I can only take a limited amount, so get in touch sooner rather than later to make sure! 🙂

Read on for prices and info (long post warning)!


I’ve divided these up to make pricing easy, but if you want something that doesn’t quite fit into any of these categories, just get in touch 🙂

Digital Bust/Portrait Sketch


A digital bust sketch:  £10

Inked Bust/Portrait


Inked / Greyscale £25

Extras: Additional figures £10 each, digital cel colour£10, shipping of original (see note at bottom)

Inked full figure (no bg)


Inked / Greyscale £35

Extra: Additional figures £15 each, digital cel colour £15, shipping of original (see note at bottom)

Inked full figure with moderate background


This level also includes patterns or other abstract elements, or highly detailed busts

Inked / Greyscale: £55

Extras: Additional figures £15 each, digital cel colour £20, shipping of original (see note at bottom)

Inked Full Scene / Pinup


Inked / Greyscale: £100

Extras: Digital cel colour £50, A3 original £50, shipping of original (see note at bottom)


-Colour is digital cel colour unless otherwise discussed; I’ll generally go w/ what I think looks best re: coloured lineart, unless there’s a specific request.

-All images done on A4 unless going for option to size up to A3 as mentioned for Scene (feel free to ask if you’d like any of the other tiers in A3). Shipping for A4 pieces is £5 UK / £10 international, and for A3 is £10 UK or £15 international.

-These commissions are for as-is artwork, and don’t include changes, though I will send a rough composition sketch to anyone ordering a full scene/pinup.

-These are private commissions for personal work only – artwork cannot be sold on or used for any commercial purpose. If you’re looking for something commercial, send me an email to chat about your project.

-These commissions are for characters that either you or I own, or are public domain, or more general concepts (eg ‘mermaid’), rather than licensed characters belonging to other companies.

-Payment accepted via Paypal. (If you need an alternate option, cheques may be do-able, but would need to be sent in Feb in order to clear with enough time for me to do the commission during March)


Thanks so much for your interest (and well done for getting through that looong post!). Email me at sally (at) with info on what you’re after! 😀