Monthly Archives: February 2013

Sketch – goodbye trees


Quick sketch for today! There’s a new development which they’ve just started clearing the site for near where I live. It looks like it’ll be a good development, I’m totally not knocking it. But walking into town today meant having to watch the beautiful avenue of trees the main pedestrian route into town went through be chopped down and woodchipped on the spot. They gave me a lot of joy over the years, especially when their leaves glowed with spring light.

Commissions Open!

Okay, so I’ve got a slightly mellower schedule for the next month or so than the previous few, so I’m going to open commissions for a while! I don’t do this very often, so it’s a good time if you’d like something from me!

Commissions will be done to all be sent by the end of March, and I’ll close either at that point or when my slate is full, whichever comes first (despite being less manic atm, I can only take a limited amount, so get in touch sooner rather than later to make sure! 🙂

Read on for prices and info (long post warning)!

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On-sale roundup!

Thought I’d do a quick roundup of some recent work which is available at the moment!

First up, the second issue of digital serial anthology VS Comics is out now! This issue includes ‘Happy Birthday’, a six page story written by Kimberley Newey (Twitter, Facebook) with art by me.


I’m really pleased with how this one came out, was challenging and fun, and definitely a bit different from what I usually do! The comic as a whole has some brilliant stuff (Martin Simmonds‘ art on Eponymous is a highlight!), so definitely recommend you pick it up!

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