Fanart Friday – Fairest (The Hidden Kingdom)

Managed to pop over to lovely Page45 today to pick up some comics – including issue 8 of Fables spinoff Fairest, the first issue of a Rapunzel-centric arc by Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Lauren Beukes. Really enjoyed this issue – this storyline is off to a great start, complete with attacking paper cranes, and promises lots of Japanese mythology and pop culture fun. (But probably the main reason this is my Fanart Friday pic is Hair. Seriously, can a hair salon please hire me to do some illustration for them so I can spend hours and hours drawing lovely hair?!)

4 thoughts on “Fanart Friday – Fairest (The Hidden Kingdom)

    1. sally Post author

      Ooh, I have some of those! This guy was from a little mini artbook I did around Movember a couple of years back..redrew the deer this year to screenprint, I think I’ll touch up some of the others as well! 🙂

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