Monthly Archives: November 2012

Taking Stock

This is a more musing-y blog post than usual…

I’ve been bonkers busy lately, largely because events tend to cluster at this time of year, so I ended up with a stretch of about 6 weekends where I was away somewhere for every one! What was a bit different this year was that they weren’t all comic conventions. Two weekends in a row were Schoolism Live London, and the Zero2Illo conference. Both of these were fantastic events and totally worth a writeup themselves, but I want to talk about cpd (continuing professional development for the non-British) and taking stock of one’s career, more generally. (For a brilliant in-depth writeup of Zero2Illo, read Kat Chapman’s here!)

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Fanart Friday – Fairest (The Hidden Kingdom)

Managed to pop over to lovely Page45 today to pick up some comics – including issue 8 of Fables spinoff Fairest, the first issue of a Rapunzel-centric arc by Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Lauren Beukes. Really enjoyed this issue – this storyline is off to a great start, complete with attacking paper cranes, and promises lots of Japanese mythology and pop culture fun. (But probably the main reason this is my Fanart Friday pic is Hair. Seriously, can a hair salon please hire me to do some illustration for them so I can spend hours and hours drawing lovely hair?!)