Site Update + Dead Roots!

Happy Halloween everyone! What are you dressing up as? (I am sadly dressing up as a cartoonist with deadlines and no time to make an awesome costume. Ah well.)

As you’re reading this, you may have already noticed a few changes. Thanks to my fantastic webmaster(/husband), we’ve had a site-wide update! The blog is still currently on the old system, but you should notice some changes in the menu above, and if you poke around a bit you’ll see a new homepage, more information in the About section, a list of webcomics and books in the Comics section, and new work in the Gallery!

There are still a few niggles as we work towards a responsive site – if you spot any, it’d be great if you could let me know! 🙂 Will get an RSS up for the blog very soon too.

In other news, zombie anthology Dead Roots is out today, so pick it up for some perfect Halloween reading! This project of writer/editor Mike Garley has ballooned into a multi-issue project with scores of amazing artists and writers involved.

Drawing a zombie story wouldn’t really be my thing usually, but since it’s a short story, I decided it’d be a good chance to stretch myself a bit – and I’m glad I did. I ended up illustrating “Wheels”, written by Paul Alexander, which underneath the zombies is a genuinely touching story. In fact the whole project is strongly focused on the human stories within the first hours of a zombie outbreak, and I think even those not generally into the zombie thing will find something to enjoy in it.

Here’s a page of art from “Wheels”:

So yeah! It’s Halloween, you should totally pick it up! It’s available on iTunes here ! Consider subscribing for a discount, and if you enjoy it, we’d love it if you’d post it around to spread the word, or leave a review, to support all the fantastic creators involved! 😀

*Quick note from Mike:

“Just been informed that when you purchase Dead Roots a ‘Push Notification’ appears saying we will use your postcode etc… This is an error! We’re attempting to get this removed. We do not use or share ANY of your information!”