Grid of Mystery plus Conventions!

Hi all! Apologies for the radio silence over here. My fantastic webmaster (aka husband) and I have been working on a big site update, so I’ve been staying off the blog to make it easier to move everything over, but we’ve decided to use the current blog for a bit longer to get the rest of the site updated sooner. Will post and tweet and make general noise when that happens! 🙂

Since it’s been a while, I thought a little snapshot of a few current projects might be nice – I’ve got more than this going on, and some cool bits hopefully starting soon, but hopefully it’ll be an interesting overview!

Left to right, projects are:

-a self-written YA graphic novel, due out spring next year. Plugging away at this, but aiming to be done this year! Woohoo!

-just started – a short educational comic (writer Lee Thompson) following a Victorian family as they go to the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace.

-A pitch with writer Justin Hook which is currently being floated about. His script is a beautifully written sci-fi slice-of-life story, told in two time periods, of the experiences of both a mother and a daughter (years later) in their twenties trying to find their place in the world. (Publisher/editor? Want to chat about it? Get in touch! ^_~ )

-6 pg short story for new digital publication, written by Kimberley Newey. Has monsters and whatnot, so new territory. Fun!

-6 pg short story for current monthly anthology comic, written by Jody Houser and drawn by myself and artist Kathryn Layno…a split story, really interesting to draw!

-Buildings! How exciting. Part of an editorial magazine illo finished up this weekend.

Will of course tell you more about all of these when I can! And expect more updates soon – looking forward to the site update!

Last thing, conventions! I will be at:

Birmingham Zine Fest Independent Publishing Fair, Oct 13

London MCM, Oct 27/28

Thought Bubble, Nov 17/18

Come say hi! And buy things. ^_~