Fanart Friday: Adventure Time

I’ve been enjoying my occasional fanart posts, and today treated myself to some fanart time for a little fan comic!

I’ve been seriously enjoying the Boom! Studios Adventure Time comics (Adventure Time and Marceline and the Scream Queens). It’s super refreshing to see comics being created for licensed characters that allow artists some leeway with their own styles, and the roster of indie/webcomics artists involved has been awesome. If you haven’t read it yet, seriously recommend you pick up a copy!

Fanart includes bonus Peanuts homage 🙂 (Which is appropriate, as Boom! also do Peanuts comics!)

If I was drawing this as a longer comic, PB would sent Marce off on a quest around Ooo to find the door and open it, so she can free her dreams from it! (…but it’s sadly a one-pager, since I can’t really indulge in that much fanart time. Ah well!)

2 thoughts on “Fanart Friday: Adventure Time

  1. ap

    It took me a minute to click, but I think I get it? M&TSQ is great I bought it on mixology and the artists who add stuff to it never cease to amaze me.

    Also nice use of snail guy.

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