Work Post – dragon comics!

Having wrapped up a few jobs recently, I thought I’d post some peeks at what sort of things I’ve been up to!

Slain was a small/medium job involving not-too-many pages that got going almost a year ago. So as often happens, time goes by and it ends up being a bit of a nice surprise when something like this shows up in the mail:

I think these are pretty darn cool! They’re foldout comics, which fold up between two card covers to credit-card size!

In the foldouts is a two-page opening to a story involving personal choices, sportiness, London and a dragon. It was commissioned by the Bible Society to be handed out in conjunction with YWAM’s More Than Gold project, which relates to a certain sporting event that seems to be going on over here at the moment.

It was designed for a YA audience, and required a bright, bold look, and I’m really happy with the results. It was a real pleasure to draw – even the dragon, which I ended up really enjoying despite it being something I’d not done before and needed to get the feel of visually.

At the end of the opening is a url, where readers can check out 4 different endings to the story (one of which has a nice little twist), which is pretty cool. The website ended up being a very simple affair (budget I believe), but on the plus side that puts all the focus on reading the comics (yay!), so do wander over and check them out 🙂

To wind up, here’s the cover for the foldout, as well as my favourite panel!