Monthly Archives: July 2012

Fanart Friday – Camilla D’Errico’s ‘Tanpopo’

I first saw Camilla’s gorgeous paintings some years ago when I still lived in Vancouver, and she was tabling at a local anime con. I bought a postcard book of her paintings, a shirt which had a transfer of one of her Helmetgirls paintings hand-appliqued on (check her store for the product range that’s grown into!), and a copy of The Fallen, which used a combination of text from Mark Twain’s “The Mysterious Stranger” with painting, loose sketchy artwork to great atmospheric effect, which I was really struck by.

“Tanpopo” is a current work in a similar vein, telling an ongoing narrative with classic texts woven in. I spotted that LA gallery Munky King were hosting a Tanpopo fanart exhibition, so decided to try out some acrylic ink on canvas and send them off for that!

Very worth experimenting with – was a bit more challenging than paper of course, but the acrylic ink was still pretty fluid, and good brushes helped immensely. Definitely something I’ll try again! 🙂