Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Sartorial Cat: New Tumblr for fashion illustration!

So! Spring con season is all wrapped up. Mine this spring were the first Birmingham MCM, Kapow, and London MCM. Instead of doing a con writeup, I’ll just direct you to this good one by Marc Ellerby! All told, it wasn’t really the best con season for me, but it was lovely to see everyone again, and extra great to meet some new faces – if that’s you, thanks for following/adding/etc! Keep your eyes out for new work (and for the hopeful restart of From soon!)

Moving on, I have a new Tumblr for fashion illustration! The Sartorial Cat can be found here, and will update hopefully weekly, for as long as I’m enjoying it 🙂 Go give it some love!

New illo, Kapow, and MCM!

So this blog has been a bit quiet, for which I apologize. In the time I was away I’ve been on holiday (is that allowed for freelancers? Felt decadent!), and once back had problems with the site which kept me from being able to update. Thankfully my lovely webmonkey (/husband) has managed to get it working again, just in time for this weekend’s Kapow con!

This illo is recently coloured from lineart I posted here a while back. I’ve had a new banner printed with this, so for those at Kapow this weekend, or MCM next, keep your eyes peeled for her and I should be easy to find 🙂

At MCM, I will have for you a brand new minicomic, and will post more about it next week, but sadly the printers had delays so I won’t have copies at Kapow. I have, however, made up a sample copy myself for you to check out, and if you like it you’ll be able to either buy it online next week, at MCM next weekend, or you can preorder at Kapow and have it mailed right to your door! Here’s a couple of teaser pics 🙂