On model drawing practice – Archie

I gave myself a little assignment to try a few on model drawings – partly out of interest, and (assuming good results) partly so that clients can feel confident in my ability to do so.

So for my first self assignment I thought I’d do a little Archie comics fanart, as they’re one of the titles I grew up with 🙂

I think being required to work on model can be a really nice complement to personal work, if the balance is right – it forces you to evaluate the lines that you’re referencing – and those you’re making, and work in a different way, which can help freshen you up sometimes!

*Note – this is just an exercise, not work created for Archie comics, and Archie is of course © Archie Comics!

And I thought I’d finish up the post with some more Sally-ish fanart of Betty (reading Blankets, because I think she would 🙂