Monthly Archives: August 2011

Dr Sketchy’s!

Sketches from an excellent Dr Sketchy’s today – the models were fantastic to draw! 😀
See if you can spot which pic was from a 5 minute draw-with-your-non-drawing-hand challenge!

Illustrated sadness + new Amelia’s

This first illo came from a sketch done on Monday watching the riots on the news.


This one, more cheerfully, is a new editorial for Amelia’s Magazine to accompany this article on Montreal band Parlovr.

And finally, everyone should check out Tom Humberstone’s beautiful, thoughtful illustrated response to the riots.

Oh yes! ALSO! You can check out a tutorial by me on getting an etching effect digitally in this month’s Digital Artist magazine! 😀 (Issue 23, out now)

Lincoln sketches

A few recent sketches from Lincoln 🙂

If you’re in Lincoln, you’ll be able to check out the originals soon in the lovely Stokes High Bridge Cafe (which does an awesome proper afternoon tea!). There will also be prints of all three available to buy ^_^

More Amelia’s Magazine music illos!

More music illos from recent Amelia’s Magazine articles for anyone who didn’t catch them on Twitter (@sallythompson if you’d like to follow!)

The first is solo artist Cornelia for this article; the second Benjamin Francis Leftwich for this one. Both excellent artists, very worth checking out! 🙂