Monthly Archives: June 2011

Her Summer Dress….In Vitro galleryness!

Tomorrow I am on my way up to Lincoln to drop some pictures off at the awesome In Vitro gallery! Check out their site for more info or cool news – like the fact that they’re now stocking some great-looking zines!

I’ll update a bit more in the next few days with some of the work you can see (and purchase!) there during July, starting with this one! Ink and collage, done at a recent Etsy Craft Party! ^_^

Stornoway illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine!

These two illustrations were done to accompany an interview with Stornoway on the fabulous Amelia’s Magazine – read it here! I hadn’t heard their music before and am definitely a fan – have a listen on their site!

This was a great chance to try out something in a more editorial vein. I ended up doing two as I wasn’t sure if the whimsical sailing cello was straightforward enough, so I thought I should do something a bit more portrait-y as well. I’m really happy with both of them, but I’m extra stoked on how the sailing cello came out! <3  I’ll definitely be doing more work in this vein….

New wedding sketches!

Some more wedding sketches from a lovely wedding….(yes, a wedding illustration site is in the works! In the meantime, contact me if you’re interested in commissioning an illustration or hiring me for your wedding! ^_~ )


Working on….

This week I’ve had a good amount of time to plug away at Atomic Sheep, the young adult graphic novel I’m working on. It’s changed a fair bit since I started it, and I’m pleased with what it looks like now! Here are a few sample pages so you have an idea what I’m working on!

Eyes! Trees! I’ll try and get in the habit of posting more snippets as I work on this ^_^

Japan fundraising festival

Another post that is not a con report! *blush*

Went to a local Japanese festival put on to fundraise for tsunami relief, which I donated some of the paper crane art prints to. Had a really lovely time with husband – had green tea and a cupcake, got beautiful crane earrings from husband-and-wife-team (very cool!)Satoko’s Origami Jewellery, potted and brought home some rocket seeds to put on the windowsill and hope they grow, and did some sketching! I just got some watercolours (<3), so experimented a bit on a couple of the sketches when I got home.