Paris and Comics

Back from wonderful short visit to Paris. If only comics had such a good profile in the UK! I lost track of the number of metro stations that had Blake et Mortimer adverts in them.

I was fairly well behaved, but I did get myself some treats (of course!). I bought two books at full price, and several from the clearance bins at Boulinier and Gibert Jeune. I’m sure I’ll post on some of them as I read them! (Also in pics – Tintin rocket for our study, and tin of cocoa with fabulous illustration)

This blog post was invaluable in helping me find some amazing comic shops – many thanks to Ivar!

Several of the comic and bookstores had some great free mags and previews – I got a couple of preview chapters of Chi’s Sweet Home (soo cute!) and was particularly impressed with Zoo magazine, which can be read online for free if you speak or would like to practice your French ^_^

And thanks to the copy of Zoo I picked up, I was able to find this! An tribute exhibition for Sky Doll‘s 10th anniversary with a fantastic range of artists and some of the original pencils (including the cover for the upcoming 4th book).

The gallery itself is a small space in the basement of another gallery, and from what I can gather from blogs about the exhibition and the helpful gallery staff, it’s been set up by Barbara Canepa herself, to encourage the sale of original comic art (they had portfolios of original pages – it was amazing going into a bookshop later in the day and looking through a book I’d seen the original pages of earlier! <3 ) Apparently she has a publishing imprint in Italy, and a lot of the artists shown at the gallery are artists she works with in that context (anyone feel free to correct me if I haven’t got this right!) I think it’s inspiring for an artist to have such varied enterprises as part of their career.

Anyway! Paris = comics love, and I hope I can get back there someday!

2 thoughts on “Paris and Comics

  1. Kat Kiddles

    Sally! How wonderful to read about your Parisian celebration! Do you know what I got most out of your reflections? That you were able to connect to your joy in a new city, stumbling upon communities of like minds and discovering new sources of inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing love!

  2. sally Post author

    Aw! Thank you Kat, what a sweet comment! This is one of the areas where the internet brings us good, good things – how long would one have to live in a place to find this sort of stuff out otherwise, whereas we can find things and places that are right down our alley even on such short trips!

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