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Leeds Comics Forum and Northern Sequential Art Competition

Okay, back to this poor neglected blog (that didn’t take long…)

I have, on the plus side, been up to some cool stuff in the interim. Last weekend was Thought Bubble, Leeds’ fantastic convention. Since last year, they’ve had an attached Comics Forum conference, which this year ran the two days before the convention, and consisted of Women in Comics (chaired by Sarah Lightman) and Practice and Theory (chaired by Ian Hague). (A writeup by Ernesto Priego can be found here.) I gave a paper for the Practice and Theory segment titled “Locating Theory in the Creative Process”, discussing an experiment in different approaches to making comics to shed some light on the relation of practice and theory in my own practice.

This conference had such a good atmosphere, and a strong creator presence as well. While there were some fantastic papers presented, which I got a lot out of, for me the highlights were the connections made with other creators and academics, and all the fantastic discussions that took place – in particular the discussion of the closing session regarding what comics scholarship and its presentations (such as conferences) can or should look like. This conversation got me thinking on the word “academic” as describing not just a theoretical, critical approach to a topic, but also an academic culture, and how important it may be to not confuse one for the other. I hope this will be an ongoing discussion as we see what comics scholarship can be!

Another cool detail was the contributor comics included in the conference booklet! Here’s mine:

After a fantastic conference, I had an amazing time at Thought Bubble. What a packed convention! I think this was actually the first con I’ve ever been to without having a table, and it was lovely to be able to wander and get to say hi to people I’ve not seen for ages. I even ran into Darth Mongoose- lovely surprise! And got to meet Yuri Kore in person. ^_^ It seems like I missed several people though (I think Karasu no Kazu, Naniiebim and Nana Li were there – sad to have missed you!)

In other cool Thought Bubble news, I got second in the Northern Sequential Art Competition! You can see my little comic here ^_^ Thanks to Thought Bubble and Travelling Man, from whom I got an awesome package of books <3

Happy Movember!

‘Tis November, aka Movember, wherein many upstanding gentlemen shall be growing moustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health charities! I think it’s rather cool, so I’ve cooked up something special to show my support!

‘Tis a tiny book of things with moustaches! ^_^

I’ll hopefully be able to distribute these little books around the place, and will also be putting all the images at larger sizes for sale as a printable art pack on Etsy in the next few days, so check back soon so you too can frame fetching moustached deer! (With a good chunk of proceeds going to said charities, of course!)